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Bahrain is famous for its gorgeous pearls which used to make their way all over the world from its bustling ports. Contrary to popular belief, it was these precious jewels from the sea that first made this Middle Eastern hub rich, rather than its more famous oil. In recent times however, this liquid black gold has taken over and Bahrain has become known less for its aquatic gems and more for its oil refineries.

As this business has progressed however, the oil is being drained from the arid lands of Bahrain at a startling rate, and this little old island is now having to look for new income streams to stay ahead of the game. Just some of these include two major players in the form of banking and tourism.

The first of these is not very relevant to visitors to this island, but the second is a great addition to Bahrain’s portfolio. With this in mind, people flock to Bahrain despite a downturn in tourism in the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring, and it remains a popular place for those looking for an exotic enclave with lots of interesting and engaging attractions.

Thousands are now visiting Bahrain to see the crumbling ruins of the old Dilmun civilizations, the mighty fortress of Qalat Al Bahrain, the famous scuba diving sites, and the quaint desert towns and craft centers that dot the country.

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